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One of our core values is KIDS COME FIRST. We are passionate about protecting and empowering the next generation to impact the world and during this COVID-19 Stay at Home time, we want to empower YOU to experience God together with your kids!

7/5 The Way Week 5: Accountability

Our primary goal in Parkside Kids is to equip families to grow in Christ as disciples together, and to empower parents to disciple their own children. To that end, instead of having a video teach your kids, we have created a simple Discovery Bible Study format for you to lead your family in, using the following optional video links if you would like additional resources.

First, open the Leader's Guide to lead your family through the study. It includes embedded video links for easier access to the additional resources.

We have also included optional printable activity sheets that you may wish to allow your kids to use to follow along with.

While this may not be as easy as just setting your kids up to watch a video, we believe the rewards will be far richer, as you DISCOVER the truths in God's Word together. Enjoy!

Life Kids: Parable of the Talents
Pursue God Kids: Parable of the Talents
Parable of the Talents RETELL
Parkside 2020 Elephant Prayers
Books of the Bible Song
Books of the Bible Major Prophets

6/28 The Way Week 4: Community

Lego: Acts 2:42-47
Imaginarium Acts 2:42-47
Worshicken: Raise a Hallelujah
Hebrews 4:16 Memory Verse Spy

6/21 The Way Week 3: Prayer

6/21 Kids Sermon (The Way Week 3: Prayer)
Watoto: Signs and Wonders
Fathers Day Craft

6/14 The Way Week 2: Bible Study

6/14 Kids Sermon: Bible Study
2 Timothy 3:16 Memory Verse
Why Read the Bible?
Why Read the Bible?
The Bible Guides Us
How Do I Read the Bible?
How Do I Read the Bible?
Kindergartener Explains SOAP Method

6/7 God's Very Good Idea

6/7 Kid's Sermon: God's Very Good Idea
Worshicken WayMaker
God's Very Good Idea Book Trailer
God's Very Good Idea Book Reading
God's Very Good Idea Book
Beat of Your Love--Watoto Children's Choir
God Made Me and You song and book
Tribes Worship Song
Revelation 7 for kids

5/31 The Way: Surrender

5 31 Kids Sermon The Way: Surrender
Trust in the Lord Memory Verse
Trust in the Lord Memory Verse
What is Trust?
Do Not Worry
Trust in God Magic Trick

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