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Empowering the next generation to change the world.

Parkside Kids

One of our core values is KIDS COME FIRST. We are passionate about protecting and empowering the next generation to impact the world, and we want to empower YOU to experience God together with your kids!

Our primary goal in Parkside Kids is to equip families to grow in Christ as disciples together, and to empower parents to disciple their own children. To that end, this year, will you join us on a God Time Adventure as we...

Walk Through the Old Testament

This year, we will be walking from Genesis to Malachi, experiencing all the well-known Old Testament stories and learning what God wants to teach us through them. Each week, will you watch the short video with your kids? (You can read the story with them from the Bible, too, if you want.) Then talk about what we can learn from the story to be a better Jesus Follower.

15 minutes...could save you 15% or more on life value!

Jeremiah 29:11-12
Genesis 1:1 Memory Verse Song
Romans 3:23 Memory Verse Song
Romans 6:23
Books of the Bible song
Armor of God song

Fall in love with Jesus!

Looking for more? Did you miss our Fall series, "Fall in Love with Jesus"? Check out the resources in the link below...

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