Disciple Making Movement

A Disciple Making Movement (DMM) is an exciting 12 week training all about what God is doing around the world and the steps we can take to see one here. In an average Disciple Making Movement, there are over 70,000 new baptisms in a small area in a short amount of time. I think we'd call that revivial or an awakening. There are curently over 890 of these movements going on all over the world that we will learn from. We will spend a lot of time looking at the Bible and how God wants to use us to play our part in seeing a movement happen here.

DMM is offered on Zoom (Interactive Video Group Chats) 

It's totally free, just download the free app on your computer or phone and we will send you a link. DMM will be offered three different times starting the first week of September!

Each training is identical, so if you happen to miss one you can join another training for the week or watch the recording!

How do I get started?

Visit the website below and check out the first 5 blogs to get an even better idea of this training, then sign up below so our team can contact you and get you started!

Visit: wigtakedmm.com